Time to change your Farm Year to 2020 ✨

Time to change your Farm Year to 2020 ✨

Farm years is a key feature of fieldmargin which lets you view of cropping for past and upcoming years and separate your plans for next season’s work from what you are working on at the moment. You can also compare field inputs and farm data between years. Read on to learn how you can use this to organise your data.

Change the Farm Year using the drop down menu at the top of the screen. 

First: Set your 2020 field uses! 

Visually plan your rotations and get the total area for your cropping by setting field usages for each Farm Year.  You can view a summary of the total areas for each field usage on your farm by Farm Year on your field list.  This mean you can quickly check this information for audits and subsidy schemes. 

With fieldmargin you can update the usage on lots of fields in one go while referring what you had in fields the previous year. Read how here.

Now you can keep field notes, task and jobs organised by year 😊 

With Farm Years you can separate your plans for next season’s work from what you are working on at the moment.  

Saving Notes, Tasks and Field Jobs to years means that important information will be easier to find and refer back to in the office 🖥️ and in the field 📲

“The big problem I have faced is that after 4-5 years I go back to the office and all my year books are very busy, complicated or information may have been thrown away. And then – the record keeping is gone! The information is no longer available to me. That is why I really like using fieldmargin – being able to keep everything together and separated by year is really important.” 

Willie Liebenberg, Klipfontyn, SA

You can plan work for each Farm Year and add tasks to fields by crop. Notes and tasks you add will be attached to the Farm Year you are viewing. You can easily edit the year that a note, task or farm is saved to. Find out how here. 

View field input reports by year

Use reports to get a projection of your total input usage for the year or how much you require for work coming up. 

Reporting allows you to view all the inputs on your farm in the same place. You can sort the list by input name and input type. You can filter to view all jobs, incomplete jobs and complete jobs.

The Farm Input summary report is only available on web.  Read how here.

Record and view data by year 📊

Is you soil organic matter increasing?  Have your weed combat strategies been effective? Using Farm years you can separate data records by years. You can use data to assess how effective your environmental strategies have been or compare soil health between seasons.

One example of this is farmers in Australia that have used fieldmargin to record locations of weeds. 👨‍🌾 🌾 https://bit.ly/36dPKLu

“The main aim was to track where the weeds are each year and work out a trend. Now because we have all our maps and data in the same place, using the located markers we will be able to see which weeds return next season.”

Drew Pfitzner, New South Wales, Australia

You can also use data monitoring sites to view rainfall over months and years. 

Start a mobile field history for your farm

When you record information or pictures with notes, tasks or jobs all the details are stored safely. When you attach this information to a field you start to quickly build up a field history. You can use this to see a timeline of what was done in a field by selecting that field.

This information can all be accessed on your mobile phone and quickly shared with others in your team

When you add a new job, note or task to a field you can edit the date so that it is set in the past. This means that you can add important historic details to your farm such as spray records, key crop dates and yields. Find our how to do this here.

Try it now

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Let us know what you think about fieldmargin. We love talking to agriculture and software enthusiasts. Send us your feedback or questions by emailing support@fieldmargin.com or by phoning us on +44 203 289 4200. 

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