Coming soon: Updates to Field Jobs 🚜

Coming soon: Updates to Field Jobs 🚜

We want to make it quick and easy to update farm records on the go. That is why we are working on some updates that will let you record key details to field jobs as you complete them. Continue reading to learn how!

Tick the boxes for records ✅

We know that there are essential details that you need to add for your inspections and audits.  This update will make it easier to add these to your records in the field. This will mean you will not have to add or type up the information later. 

Add key details to the job in the field as you farm. 
Data added on mobile will be synced to web. All you records will be stored safely, ready for sharing and accessible anywhere.

Help the operator focus on the bit they are supposed to be doing 🤔

Our current users told us that when there are lots of fields attached to a Field Job it can be hard to find the right one to complete (particularly if the farm is not familiar or the fields all have similar names).

This update will make it easier for the operator to access the job information they need for individual fields while they are on the move, for example while stopping the tractor at the corner of a field. You will be able to access the operator view from the main To-Do list or by tapping the field on the map. 

Access an operator view for individual field that are attached to each job. 

Make it easier to back-date completed work 📆

Users have asked us to make it easier to record things that they forgot to note on the day.  

At the moment, it is time consuming to add the right past competition date on multiple fields attached to the same job. This update will mean you can set the completion date on all fields attached to a job in a few seconds.

When you select to complete all fields of a job you will see the option to edit the complete date. 

The update will also improve the edit functionality for completed fields 

With the new table view on the web platform you will have the option to edit the completion details of specific fields attached to the job. 

We are adding a structured way for users to record and edit weather conditions and timings for a job

Thank you to everyone that given us feedback. They have been really helpful to understand what changes can be make so that  the field jobs feature can be used to its full potential. Field Jobs updates is coming soon for ESSENTIALS, PLUS and PRO. Read more about our subscriptions here.

These changes are additional to our upcoming update and development for pesticide records. You can read more about these here. 

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