What features fieldmargin released in 2022 🚀

What features fieldmargin released in 2022 🚀

Christmas has come around quicker than ever, with only a few days now until the big day. We have really enjoyed working with you and we can’t wait for what 2023 will bring! 

We have time for one last showcase of what we built for you before we head off for a well-deserved break over the holidays!

Nutrient management jobs and reports 

With fertilizer prices reaching record levels, being able to adapt to changing costs and sale prices is more important than ever. Nutrient management on fieldmargin lets you set the nutrient content of the fertilizers that you are using on your farm so that you can track applied quantities of NPK and other micronutrients. 

The update includes full farm reporting and will work for inorganic fertilizers such as Urea and organic fertilizers such as slurry. 

We have improved field job records with weather and start/finish times 🌦

Many farms need to be able to access certain markets through things like assurance schemes, or even regulatory requirements. That’s why we have made this update to ensure that you can quickly and easily record the information your assessors will want to see.

More reports with gross-margins 💰

We have added a way to show your fields and crop types are performing financially. Tracking your total spend and margins for each field has never been easier. 

Auto-boundary drawing tool 

With this update, you can add your fields with just one click. At the moment boundary uploader is available in most of the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and parts of the USA, Australia, and Brazil.

Now you can delete and edit herd moves  

This makes it easier to keep your livestock records accurate and up to date. You can also archive a herd from your farm.

Sub-fields have been introduced to iOS mobile   

This means you can mark out grazing blocks while in the field from your mobile. 

Improvements to yield designs 🌾

We added some updates to make it easier to add yields to fieldmargin. If you haven’t recorded harvests before you will get a prompt to set up all your farm outputs based on your field usages to make this faster.

Printing a field + herd history 🖨

Although the vast majority of planning and reporting can be done digitally, there are still times when you need a paper copy of field data for an audit or to share in an email. 

Bulk editing tool on the web platform 

Sometimes work doesn’t get recorded as it gets done. Perhaps because you are in a rush, have team members who are not using a mobile phone or tablet. Bulk editing on the web app makes this very fast. 

We’re proud of our progress, but there’s lots more to do 

We are still focused on our goal of building a hub for all your farm information that is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere.

Have your say on what you would like to see in our end-of-year survey.

A huge thanks to each and every one of you 

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