About fieldmargin

An easy to use farm map and notebook that lets you see what’s happening on your farm at a glance. Our web and mobile apps mean you can stay on top of everything whether you’re in the office or the field. Record and discuss work and observations with your team as they happen. Brings all your data into one place so it’s easier to make decisions. Available on Web, iOS and Android.

Communication made easy
The simplest way to keep everyone on the farm on the same page
  • A hub where everyone working on your farm can chat, share information and tasks
  • Record field observations and problems on the go and let the farm know about them
  • See where your team and machinery are and what they are working on
A visual, living record of your farm
Your farm maps, accessible anywhere
  • Map all your farm’s fields and features and use your digital farm map to see where you are on the farm
  • Upload your existing paper maps, drone imagery and satellite imagery to keep them safe and available for easy reference
  • See where your work is at a glance
Everything in one place
The information at your fingertips to make better decisions
  • Visual note taking combined with external data allows you to identify patterns and problems sooner
  • Connects with your machinery, sensors, drone imagery and livestock monitoring tools so you can see the whole picture
  • Create a history of what has been produced in your fields and the work done in them so you can identify what works and what doesn’t
Works Offline
All your maps and information work without signal, just sync up next time you have an internet connection

Keeps your data safe

All of your farm’s information is securely backed up to the cloud – no more lost paperwork

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