Farming News Round-Up

Farming News Round-Up

There is so much going on in the farming world, it can be hard to keep up. We’ve chosen our top 5 stories from the past week for the inaugural fieldmargin farming news round up.

Farmer awarded landmark settlement after his farm was deliberately flooded

A Yorkshire farmer has been awarded compensation after his land was deliberately flooded in order to protect local homes. This is a landmark ruling under the Land Drainage Act 1991, and is expected to set a precedent for payouts from local councils to farmers who have had land sacrificed. Farm owner, Mr Lindley said: “We are happy with this judgment and sincerely hope that all relevant agencies and authorities work together in flooding situations to improve flood defences and how they deal with heavy rainfall situations.”

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Ongoing debate about how ‘Brexit’ will affect British farming

There has been intense debate over the last few weeks about the pros and cons of Britain exiting the EU in preparation for the referendum which is expected to take place in the next few months. The implications of ‘Brexit’ will affect British farming greatly, sparking debate at the OFC and in the House of Commons. Those in support of Brexit note that British farmers will be free of EU restrictions and gain the potential to yield more power on the global stage. Those opposing fear a cut in subsidies and the need to re-negotiate EU deals. The debate continues.

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Lamma ’16

Lamma 2016 kicks off tomorrow, hosting exhibitors from around the world, and expecting thousands of attendees. Events include demos and seminars, and is the UK’s leading farm machinery equipment and services show.

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Müller announces price drop of 1p per litre to suppliers

Müller have announced a price cut of 1p per litre for its suppliers, to take effect from February. They state  that they ‘cannot fully protect our dairy farmer suppliers from the realities of the market which continues to be badly affected by high levels of supply and very weak commodity prices’. The NFU expressed disappointment at the announcement, but recognised large volatility in the market and a need for consumers to buy more locally produced milk and dairy products.

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Public urged to keep dogs on leads following increase in cases of livestock worrying 

Dog owners have been urged to keep their dogs on leads following an increase in incidents of livestock worrying in recent weeks. Local police forces have taken to social media to remind dog owners that livestock worrying can result in a heavy fine, or with the farmer killing their pet. One farmer has suffered the loss of 20 ewes since the new year due to irresponsible dog owners.

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