Agri-Innovation Den

Agri-Innovation Den

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have seen us getting a bit excited earlier in the week about Agri-Innovation Den – farming’s answer to Dragon’s Den (with slightly less scary judges!).

We applied to Agri-Innovation den back in June, and were incredibly honoured to find out that we had made it to the finals. Competition is tough – only eight finalists were chosen out of a large pool of applicants, so it was really special to have made the cut.

After practising his pitch so often that everyone in the office could recite it off by heart, our CEO Rob travelled up to Wootton park on Tuesday to pitch to the judges. We were up against the very best of British AgTech – WeFarm, Herdwatch, HarvestYield, DroneAg and AOX. It was great to be recognised alongside such innovative companies, and go head-to-head with some serious competition.

Agri-Innovation Den 2016 Finalists – our CEO Rob is top right

Rob spoke at length about fieldmargin, our huge plans for the future to ensure that fieldmargin becomes an essential part of every farming toolkit, and the great feedback and use cases we’ve received from our users so far.

The judging panel included Neil Thackray (CEO of Briefing Media), Emma Penny (Group Editor from Briefing Media), Will Jackson (Cooperative Food Group) and our Twitter favourite, Jake Freestone. They were impressed with Rob’s pitch, but gave him a good grilling about the advantages of using fieldmargin, and how the app copes when being used out in the field without signal (the answer – very well!).

Neil was particularly impressed with Rob’s pitch, and the two are discussing how we can work together to help spread the word about fieldmargin to farmers all over the UK.

There will be a full review of the competition in Farmer’s Guardian next week, and a video from the day will be available on Agri-Innovation Den’s Twitter. We’ve have a bet running in the office as to whether Rob’s filmed interview will be complete nonsense – it turns out he’s no Leo DiCaprio in front of the camera and apparently fluffed his lines repeatedly. Fingers crossed some of it was salvageable!

If you want to give the fieldmargin app a try for yourself, click the button below to download:


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