Using fieldmargin to plan work on your farm

Using fieldmargin to plan work on your farm

You can use fieldmargin to streamline farm management by planning work across the season and tracking progress as you go. Visualise how you will use your fields, jobs that need to be done (as well as when and by who) and record when they have been completed. 

We know there are no such things as fixed plans on farms so you can easily edit and add more detail over time. 

Rather than entering work multiple times you can plan jobs on your phone or laptop then access and mark them as done on the go. When the work was completed and by who is automatically recorded and added to your records.

Keep reading to find out how you can do this on your farm…

1. Set uses for your fields

Uses allow you to record what is being grown in your fields or the animals being kept in them; perfect for planning your rotation or grazing allocations. Each usage you make has a name which you can set to whatever you want, such as wheat, carrots or cattle, and a colour. The dates that you change the usage on a field are automatically recorded and displayed in its history. You can find instructions for setting uses on your fields here. If you haven’t mapped your farm yet you can find help for drawing or importing your field boundaries here. 

2. Add jobs

Create tasks for work that needs to be done on the farm. These can be attached to your fields for field scale operations such as planting, fertiliser application or spraying or they can be a shape on the map for work such as fence repairs, building maintenance or treatments to specific areas of your fields. You can attach tasks to multiple fields to quickly plan jobs, by crop for instance. You can edit these at any time and add more information using comments. 

3. Assign work and let your team know when it needs to be done

task 2.PNGMake sure you have invited your team to your farm so that they can view the map, notes and tasks, use Farm Chat and share their location with you. You can find instructions to invite your team here. You can set a due date for tasks which means a reminder will be triggered at the appropriate time and you can sort your work in order of priority. You can tag team members on jobs you want them to do, so that they get notified about changes to their jobs and will be able to include this in their list of allocated tasks.

4. View upcoming work

You can sort your tasks to easily see what you’ve got coming up:

  • Filter by incomplete tasks to show only work that hasn’t been completed, sorted by due date.
  • Show only tasks that you are tagged in to view your personal job list.
  • Open a field to see a list of the outstanding tasks on that field.

5. Record when jobs have been completed

Check off tasks with a tap in the field, the tractor cab or the office. The date the task was marked as complete and by who is automatically recorded. If the task is attached to a field it will  also appear on the field’s history.

All your team can see when a job is complete so no more chasing to find out progress on work.

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We designed fieldmargin to be flexible so that it can be used in lots of farming systems such as arable, livestock, orchards, vegetable growing and viticulture. We would love to hear how you are using the app on your farm, email us your feedback to

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