Introducing fieldmargin Pro with satellite imagery analysis

Introducing fieldmargin Pro with satellite imagery analysis

One of the questions that we get asked the most is “Why is fieldmargin free when I find it so useful?”. So much, in fact, that we wrote a blog post to answer it

We will always have a free level so that we can be used by all farms, but we know that lots of you want more advanced functionality to help inform your farming decisions and make management more streamlined. We are excited to announce we are introducing a Pro plan that will give you access to more powerful tools for your farm.

To coincide with this we are launching two Pro-only features: Field Health and Map comparison. These will allow you to get a better picture of what is happening in your fields with regularly updated satellite imagery analysis of your fields to spot problem areas to focus on.

With Pro you will also get access to priority support to help you get the most out of fieldmargin on your farm.

Pro is available as a monthly subscription for £30 per month.

You can enjoy these benefits on your farm with a free, no obligation 14-day trial. No credit card required.

About Field Health

Field Health gives you access to regularly updated (on average weekly) satellite imagery of your farm with NDVI analysis to see at a glance where you have high or low vegetation levels. 

Use this to spot problems such as disease or nutrient deficiencies earlier.

This saves time since you can focus your crop scouting on these areas and helping farm profitability by allowing you to treat them before they cause significant damage.

Here’s what our beta testers had to say about it:

“Getting new NDVI imagery every week means we can spot threats and damage as they happen.”

Gabriel Czerniecki / Farm Manager – Argentina

“Being able to see two maps on the same screen is very useful as it means I can assess growth over time.”

Kieran Walsh / Regional Agronomist at Velcourt & Agronomist for Hands Free Hectare – Gloucestershire, UK

“The NDVI feature works very well. I compared past maps from 2018 to the yield map and they matched very well. I think there is so much potential to use the weekly imagery to spot areas of my fields that can be improved. “

Fabricio Anizelli / Farm Manager, Santa Clara – Brazil

“The satellite maps work great for me. On each image, I can clearly see which alfalfa fields have been cut. With 7000 ha to manage the satellite imagery can be used to monitor the progress of the crop growth and harvest.” 

Jaco Theron / Farm manager – Arizona, USA

“I learned a lot from Field Health. The satellite images where easy to-use and intuitive. The imagery has already proved useful this season as I have been able to spot and prevent damage.”

Scott James / Manager, Thoresby And Pierrepont Forestry Estate – Nottinghamshire, UK

Get more inspiration of how Field Health can benefit your farm in our case studies here.

3 thoughts on “Introducing fieldmargin Pro with satellite imagery analysis

  1. Can we subscribe only for certain months of the year?
    When there is crops on the field ? Say from June to October?
    And only pay for fields with crop on – that has been planted.

    1. Hi Dreyer,
      Subscriptions are for the whole area of fields that you have and renew on a monthly basis. You are free to cancel any time you want if you are no longer finding the service useful.

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