Stop searching through old paper work and diaries by adding your historic farm data to fieldmargin

Stop searching through old paper work and diaries by adding your historic farm data to fieldmargin

Innovation and making the best decisions relies on keeping accurate records and having easy access to the facts and figures. By creating a history of what has been produced in your fields and the work done in them you can identify what works and what doesn’t. 

Make your life easier by recording data and viewing your field history on mobile and web. Using fieldmargin you can have all the information at your fingertips.  You can also share all your farm data with your agronomist, vet, contractors, advisers and new team members. 

Build up and view your field history

When you set up tasks, note observations or add comments and photos, all the details are stored safely. When you attach this information to a field you can quickly build up a field history. You can refer back to the field history by selecting a field. 

Backdate notes and tasks 

When you add a new note or task to a field you can edit the date so that it is set in the past. This means that you can add important historic details to your mobile map such as spray records, key crop dates and yields. Find our how to do this here.

Separate field usages, notes and tasks by years 

Farm tasks and notes are separated by field year as well as being attached to fields. This means you can quickly look back to the previous year’s field uses and find important historic details. The notes and tasks you make on your farm are automatically tagged to the Farm Year of the map that is open. However, you can easily edit them to tag them with a different Farm Year as required.

You can also view a summary of the total areas for each field usage on your farm by Farm Year on your field list. This means it is quick to check this information for audits and subsidy schemes. 

Upload historic maps 

Map Uploader allows you to take existing maps that you have of your farm and digitise them so that they can easily be referred to alongside your other farming records and stored safely. Maps are orthocorrected and then added to your farm, similar to other base maps that you can currently choose such as satellite imagery or streetmaps.

For example you can upload old yield maps, drainage maps or drone maps. By overlaying the maps you can help identify the causes of problems in your fields or see if problems you have seen are having an impact on yield. Read how one farm used fieldmargin to digitise drainage maps in our blog.

Add historic data readings 

You can simply add data readings to the monitoring sites when you are out on the farm using mobile. When you take a reading you can also edit the date to add historic farm data to your records. Easily view a log of measurements and see changes over time using graphs and history on the web version. These can be viewed over the past week, month and year.

Use historic field health satellite imagery 

See if treatments and management decisions are making a difference with 3 years of historic data. Did you have a particular issues with disease, pest or weeds in a field on your farm over the last few year?  You can use our Pro product, Field Healthto look through the historic imagery to see when the problem started and identify the spread.  Could you have reduced damage if you had spotted the issue earlier? Scott James found this to be the case in his forestry business, read more here.

You can click on the arrows next to the month to move back and forwards through time. You can draw notes to record areas for investigation, treatment or to keep an eye on and see how they perform over the season. 

Analyse performance over time using map compare 

With our Pro product Field Health you can use our compare map feature to assess how effective the treatments and management decisions you made in the past where. At the bottom of the Field Health section you will see a button that says‘CompareTwo Maps’. This opens a modal where you can select two dates of imagery and view them side by side.

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