Introducing Essentials – a new pricing plan. A message from CEO, Rob Carter

Fieldmargin was built from scratch by farmers, for farmers. We are dedicated to remaining an independent business, providing an invaluable service to our growing community of farmers. Advertising isn’t for us. Selling your data isn’t our business. As we continue to grow, we find ourselves entering the phase where we need to properly address our pricing model. Bear with us here… 

Free until we were useful

When Fieldmargin first launched, we were learning on the job. We asked as many farmers as possible what they found useful about our apps and what we could do to make the platform better. We were, and continue to be, committed to making farming easier. Making better decisions. Being more efficient. Every day we still hear from farmers telling us they are saving time and money thanks to Fieldmargin, and we love it.

We didn’t feel that farmers should be paying for an app that wasn’t polished and useful. So we took our investment cash and kept on improving and testing, and improving and testing. We believe that a service like ours should be provided independently from your advisor, your supplier or your machinery manufacturer. We provide a valuable service direct to farmers with no hidden agenda. 

So what now?

Almost three years on we are rightly proud of what we have made and we are no longer shy about asking people to pay for it. We appreciate that many of our farmers haven’t found a need for our Field Jobs,  Field Health and the reporting functionalities yet and even without them Fieldmargin provides the essentials that many farmers need to run their farm.  

Long-term it’s not possible for us to provide a totally free service to a majority of farms. Our user base has doubled since last season and we are growing very fast. Our farmers have told us clearly that they don’t want their service to be cluttered with advertising nor would they feel it right for us to derive our revenue from selling data. Many of our competitors sell farmers’ data to anyone who wants to buy it. 


From next Monday, only 30 days of history will be visible on your farm for free. Should you wish to refer to your data longer than this you will need to subscribe to our Essentials plan. We have priced this very low at £3.75 – less than a Big Mac Meal per month. 

So to make this clear, here’s how that fits in: 

Free – 30 day trailing history of all your notes, tasks and field jobs. Up to 5 Inputs. – No charge.

Essentials – Full historical access to all your notes, tasks and field jobs. Up to 5 Inputs. Basic Reporting – £3.75 per month 

Plus – As Essentials, with unlimited inputs and full downloadable reporting. – £20 per month

Pro – All of Plus with regularly updated Field Health, NVDI satellite imagery. – £30 per month

(Prices subject applicable sales taxes)

What you need to do:

You will see popups and messages in the apps about how to switch plan, or you can go straight to account management to select your farm plan here.

As always, we thank you for your valued advice and support in helping us get to this decision, it’s not been easy.  I hope you understand and continue to find Fieldmargin an essential tool for your business, as we continue to grow and improve ours.

We look forward to hearing from you. You can email me directly at

2 thoughts on “Introducing Essentials – a new pricing plan. A message from CEO, Rob Carter

  1. Hi Rob , Scott and I like measuring fields ( hectares and distance ), drawing , naming and coloring fields .marking in irrigation pipelines , dams etc . Is it possible to join Essential and pay once off for the year . ( payment by visa credit card . ) . Thanks for a very user friendly, helpful farming tool . Regards , Kim

    1. Hi Kim, thank you for your kind message, we are so glad that we can help your farm! We will certainly look into the possibility of an annual payment. Best wishes, Ali

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