Introducing Farm Costings

Introducing Farm Costings

Margins in farming can be small so tracking what you have spent and potential profit is important. With our costing update you can do just that. 

There are lots of reasons why you might want to use costings. This wasn’t something you could do until now, and we think the fieldmargin experience is much more complete for it.

We’ve made 5 key additions for costings…

1. We have added the ability to add a cost to a input

With this update you can track how much you have spent on inputs when producing your crops.

2. View charts that show farm spend by field broken down by Seed, Spray and Fertilizer.

3. We’ve added the ability to breakdown spending by input type.  

This shows spending for the farm year per field by input type. Use this to see where you may be able to reduce spending and benchmark you spend against other farmers.

4. You can also view costs as an input report

This will show you a breakdown of the quantity of an input used per field and field-usage. 

5.  Finally, you can track your income on the yield report

Add a sale price to your output and view a report with income / ha and total income. 

Coming soon: Gross margins

With a future update you will be able to view you you will be able to use all this with your gross margins 

How to get started

Tap the reporting tab on the web platform side bar to access your reports. You can change the currency in farm settings 🌏  Find our step-by step instructions here. 

As ever, we’d love to know what you think. Email or call +44 203 289 4200, our support is here to help. 

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