NEW: Improved field job records with weather and start/finish times, plus easier editing and operator view

NEW: Improved field job records with weather and start/finish times, plus easier editing and operator view

Farm records are about more than keeping track of work progress and being able to look back on what’s been done to analyse performance. For an increasing number of farmers they are also a requirement to be able to access certain markets through things like assurance schemes, or even a regulatory requirement. That’s why we have made this update to ensure that you can quickly and easily record the information your assessors will want to see and update things if an error is made. 

On our web and iOS apps (coming soon to Android) you can now:

☀️ Record weather conditions when a field was completed – this includes wind speed, direction, temperature and weather condition

⏱️ Record start and finish times per field

📆 Amend completion date as you mark a field or job as done if you forgot to tick it off at the time or are adding records retrospectively

🧑 Change the person who completed a job – handy if you have some team members who are not using the app yet

✅ An operator view so you can see just the information you need for the field you are working on

✏️ A bulk edit tool so you can amend completion details for all fields on a job quickly and easily

Record weather, start and finish times and who did the work

Now when you complete a field by tapping on the checkbox next to a job you will see a pop-up where you can:

  • Quickly amend the start and finish date
  • Enter weather details – record wind speed, direction, temperature and weather conditions. These will then automatically populate as you complete other fields on that job so that if you are doing several fields and the weather hasn’t changed you don’t have to update them each time
  • Set who completed the work if you are recording for someone else

Operator view

This new view makes it easier to focus on just the information you need for the job you are working on. You can access it by tapping on one of the fields on a field job and selecting operator view or tapping on a job on a field’s to-do list.

Field job operator view

This shows the field you are working on with a link to highlight that field on the map, the quantities of inputs needed for it and a button to quickly mark it as done.

Bulk edit

Sometimes work doesn’t get recorded as it gets done. Perhaps because you are in a rush, have team members who aren’t get using a mobile phone or tablet or need to do some work ad-hoc. Bulk editing on the web app makes this very fast. 

Bulk field job completion information edit

To access simply click on the ‘edit’ button at the top right of the field list on a field job to get to a table where you can set work area, start and completion dates, who did the work and weather conditions. You can also copy the same information across multiple fields by selecting the checkboxes next to the fields.

This is also helpful if you are moving over from a different record system and want to transfer in some of your jobs.

We hope you will find this update helpful for keeping accurate farm records and also when preparing for inspections such as Global GAP, Red Tractor, Soil Association or supermarket standards. We love to hear what you think and your suggestions; you can get in touch by emailing

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