Fieldmargin partners with Alpha One Technology & SerDev to help onboard South African farmers

Fieldmargin partners with Alpha One Technology & SerDev to help onboard South African farmers

Fieldmargin is pleased to announce a partnership with Alpha One Technology and Ziphezinhle “Boyzie” Gabuza on the African continent. Boyzie is an accounts manager for the tech and drone division at Alpha One Technology. This partnership comes after a very successful collaboration on a mapping project done this year. 

Alpha One Tech has partnered with SerDEV, a member of the Sernick Group of Companies, as well as a leading bank in Africa to create highly detailed maps of 50 Beef farms in the North West and Free State of South Africa using fieldmargin. They also used fieldmargin’s Field Health tool to get NDVI imagery of the vegetation levels on each farm. 

SerDEV is developing a model for supporting and helping transform farmers in Africa with formal land tenure and livestock to support their business development. Agriculture in Africa is still significantly informal and the development of accurate maps of the land being managed; as well as its productivity seemed a natural first step towards improving farm record keeping. SerDEV were extremely impressed with the simplicity, scope and quality of work done with fieldmargin.

Boyzie will be operating as a reseller of fieldmargin software. fieldmargin is an easy to use mapping and farm data collection tool. It works well for the market in Africa as a cloud-based mapping software; and provides functionalities such as field operation record keeping, field health satellite imagery, herd grazing monitoring and access to the South African Pesticide Database. 

Over 100,000 farms have been mapped on fieldmargin globally, including many in South Africa. With this partnership with Alpha One Technology & Boyzie, we are looking forward to welcoming many more. 

Boyzie brings agricultural enthusiasm and vast knowledge from the KwaZulu Natal Province and cattle farms globally. His farming experience includes a stint working on cattle station as junior station hand, and he was later promoted to senior station hand working with over 15,000 shorthorns and 10,000 dorper sheep. He has had the opportunity to work on several Future Farmer projects. In 2019, he obtained his drone license and his accreditation certificates to be one of the first commercial crop spraying drone pilots in South Africa.

Since 2021, he has joined Alpha One Technology as an accountable manager for the drone, tech & agri division. While working there, the team have introduced products such as Livestock management apps, RFID animal asset tracking, GIS mapping and have recently signed up distribution of the European manufactured Fixar drone for applications such animal counting, volumetrics and crop health within the Agri space. 

Boyzie will be offering support with mapping opportunities and attending several farm shows including:   

National Livestock Auction Show July 2022

Emerging Farmers Day June 2022

Come along and ask any questions that you have! Contact for Personal Demos .

Based in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal , South Africa and interested in learning more about fieldmargin? Contact Boyzie on his email or

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