Keep on top of your harvest with yield reports on fieldmargin

Keep on top of your harvest with yield reports on fieldmargin

Combines are rolling in the UK as harvest 2022 gets off to an early start with dry weather keeping drying costs at bay. However, the low moisture contents are causing problems for some growers SOURCE).  Dry weather has seen rapid progress with the winter barley harvest, with more than 69% harvests completed during July in England, Wales and Scotland. (SOURCE)

Harvest is one of the most hectic and exciting times of year on the farm, but why not take a few moments to capture your harvest 2022 results on fieldmargin?

This year we have added some updates to make it easier to upload yields to fieldmargin app. Now you can use fieldmargin for harvest tracking, analysing yield results, gross margins and uploading historic yield data.

Flexible yield recording tool

You can use fieldmargin to record your yields at harvest time. This works for crops, hay making, silage, fruit and more.

To set your yields go to make a Field Job and then select the job type ‘Harvesting’ or ‘Hay/silage making. 

If you haven’t recorded harvests before you will get a prompt to set up all your farm Outputs based on your field usages to make this faster. Just select the correct unit for each field use.

To record a yield tap “+ Set Yield “.  Here you can enter the yields of your field or fields. When you add a yield to a field job the app automatically calculates your yield/ha and tracks your total yields per crop, per field and for the whole farm.

Yield reporting on web

Once you have recorded this data you can also analyse yield data with reports on web.  You can automatically calculate farm total yield and compare yield data with graphs to help compare performance by field. 

Yield comparison graph is available on fieldmargin web

This includes calculating farm total yield, comparing performance across fields and calculate your gross-margins across your farm

Use fieldmargin reporting to calculate and report farm Gross Margins (income from outputs – spend on inputs).

Upload historic yields

This update has made it easier to fill in your historic yields with a list view screen on web. Here you have the choice to “Select all fields” or select fields individually in the “Edit multiple column”.

We are also going to develop our ability to integrate and upload yield data. This data could be from excel or an upload from machinery that is used during harvest. Is yield recording on harvest equipment something you do at the moment and if so what do you use? If you can send an example file we can share this with the tech team to help with development.

Yield recording is included in the Essentials plan and above. You can find out more about pricing and upgrading here.

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