How WSR Insurance Services enhances farmer relations with fieldmargin

How WSR Insurance Services enhances farmer relations with fieldmargin

Farmers face unique challenges and threats stemming from the changing seasons, labour force, and government regulations. WSR Insurance Services helps farmers to navigate these risks through the provision of tailored insurance policies that fit their needs.

A core part of WSR’s service is their personal approach: tailoring their policies to fit the client’s needs and requirements. They wanted to make sure this was continuing once a farm or ranch policy was in place by providing their farmers with an up-to-date map of their farm which they could update by themselves or with the help of WSR’s team.

Fieldmargin makes it easy for farms and service providers to digitally map their farms and keep cropping and livestock records. This includes:

  • Field maps
  • Permanent features such as infrastructure or health and safety hazards
  • Crop rotations
  • Dates of field work such as planting
  • Yield records
  • Livestock numbers and location
  • Costings
  • Satellite NDVI imagery showing vegetation variation

WSR Insurance has been using fieldmargin to map out their clients’ farms including fields, what is being produced, and permanent features. The company is then able to offer clients access to digital farm which they can update anywhere and a paper map book. The fieldmargin map books contain: maps with different backgrounds, a list of fields and permanent features, and Section, Township, Range details. Having a physical map book with them in the cab or office desk and the app on their phone means that the company stays top of mind.

You can use fieldmargin to map crops, permanent features and get directions to the fields

“fieldmargin has been tremendous to work with; they have taken our wants and needs to tailor a mapping software that works not only for our clients but our internal staff as well. Having an easy-to-use map of your entire operation at your fingertips with the ability to update field commodities and add new fields is remarkable. For us, it was essential to offer paper map books as well as a web-based or mobile application to accommodate all generations. Fieldmargin delivered just that!”

Josh Morris, WSR Insurance, California

Cropping can be set for each farm in a few clicks. This means it is something that the farm manager can quickly do themself at the start of the season or in collaboration with a member of the WSR team in person or on the phone. This takes away the hassle of filling in forms with cropping information and planting dates; producing a better experience for the farmer and reducing the administrative burden of double entry. Fieldmargin produces handy reports of crop areas for each farm and can also produce bespoke reports such as total crop area insured.

Farmers can use Field Jobs to record key field operations such as planting. This means that if a claim needs to be made all of the relevant information is easily accessible; saving time in the claims process and keeping clients happy.

The WSR team can also use fieldmargin to find directions to a field or feature when they are visiting a farm to update a policy or get information for a claim. They also include points with the Section, Township, Range information they need to manage claims.

Interested in being able to save time and enhance the service that you provide to farmers?

You can book a demo call to learn how fieldmargin can help insurers and other agribusinesses working with multiple farms here.

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