Keeping track of grazing rest periods from your mobile

Keeping track of grazing rest periods from your mobile

Matt Leach and his wife Charmaine own a farm which is 430 acres on the Buchan river, Australia. They produce we produce grass-fed Angus beef cattle on predominately summer pastures. They have only had the property for two years and are working on more improvements 

Originally developed in Scotland in the late 1700s, Angus have always been bred purely for the production of the highest quality beef indicated by the smooth, close-grained texture, carnation red colour, and finely marbled fat within the lean muscle. 

Dr Peter Parnell, Chief Executive Officer of Angus Australia has highlighted that confidence in the beef industry is an at all-time high. ‘The demand for Aberdeen-Angus genetics is strong, with current trends indicating that the demand is increasing each year and as the breed continues to make outstanding rates of genetics improvement, the cattle will continue to be sought after.’(SOURCE)

In Australia, around 97% of cattle is grass-fed thanks to our plentiful grazing pastures. Matt has used fieldmargin to help with his field maps and cattle records. 

“I love using field margin, we have set up the map to show paddocks troughs, and gates for our beef-producing property. I also use the field history to plan grazing rotations and keep track of rest periods.”

Matt Leach

With Fieldmargin you can set up herds with animal type and count, record where your animals are, and see them on the map. You can also Take control of your grazing by Automatically calculating field rest days to help estimate grazing availability, see a history of when fields were previously grazed and how long, and easily check current grazing to see which herds need to be moved.

The mobile app can also be used for planning jobs and keeping spraying records

“I also use create field jobs for spraying to keep the required records and love that I can now record weather data as well.”

Matt Leach

Interested in trying Fieldmargin on your farm? Email and we can help you get set up with a free trial.

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