Using fieldmargin for lettuce and garlic production in Arizona and California – “Communication with various growers has never been better”

Using fieldmargin for lettuce and garlic production in Arizona and California – “Communication with various growers has never been better”

Gevin Steed farms on Hualapai Valley Farm in Arizona. The farm grows produce across 12,000 acres, this includes garlic and lettuce. Gevin has been using fieldmargin to help with farm management and communication for two years.

Today, Arizona ranks second, following California, in the production of lettuce. Lettuce production in Arizona includes head, leaf, and romaine lettuces, and is the State’s leading cash crop averaging more than $300 million in value. There are approximately 75,000 acres of lettuce grown in the southwestern United States (SOURCE).

The farm has been focusing on developing its own land and production for a few years. However, recently they have enjoyed growing garlic with some growers from California.

“As the team works with different growers, we use fieldmargin to communicate back and forth on crop progress and relay information to the team on the farm to provide efficient and effective operations.”

Gevin Steed

“Fieldmargin has helped us keep everyone in the loop about what’s going on with the crops. Communication with various growers has never been better.”

Gevin Steed

The operation is still at an early stage of development and is growing. This means that the management team is testing different techniques. The team can use field jobs on Fieldmargin to record the results of the trials and test that they run. 

For example, they can also use the app to monitor irrigation on each plot and track irrigation records. Generally, 38 to 50 inches of water per acre are required to produce a desirable lettuce crop, but this varies dramatically with soil type, the slope of the field, temperatures, and planting window (SOURCE).

When you set up an irrigation field job you can track the number of hours and amount of water the irrigation provides

When the jobs on fieldmargin are completed they become part of the field history as well as the activity list. With more accurate records, the team can track how this impacts the quality of produce. Read how you can set-up field jobs in this article.

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