Introducing: Pesticide Checking on fieldmargin

Introducing: Pesticide Checking on fieldmargin

Avoid errors and simplify compliance checks with pesticide label checks

We are very pleased to announce a new tool to help with farm planning and compliance on fieldmargin – Pesticide Check. 

Making pesticide recommendations is a complex task. You have to balance a large number of factors such as target pest, the crop, growth stage, potential risk of resistance and other products that have been applied. With so much to consider, having the tools at your disposal to help ensure safe and effective use is essential.

Pesticide Check is designed to help farmers and agronomists quickly and easily check the compliance of planned pesticide applications based on the label guidance. This helps to save time and avoid costly errors that can lead to crop damage, contamination, loss of certification or regulatory fines. 

Pesticide Check is initially available in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Pesticide Check is powered by the latest data from Lexagri’s Homologa® database. For more information on coverage and where we get our data please check our FAQs here

Pesticide Check is intended only for checking compliance with label instructions and should not be considered agronomic advice in any way. You should always read the product label and consult the advice of an agronomist before making any pesticide application.

How it works

Pesticide Check performs the following checks based on the crops set for your fields, planned rate on your Field Job and jobs set up for a field in a given Farm Year. You will also need to set target pest and growth stage. 

  • Product expiry date
  • If product is permitted for use on the target crop
  • If the application rate set on the field rate is within the maximum dose
  • If the total dose applied on the field in the Farm Year is within the maximum dose per season
  • If the total number of Field Jobs using the product in the Farm Year is within the maximum treatments per season
  • Application interval which will check the time since the product was last recorded as being applied
  • Withholding period
  • Grazing re-entry period

For each check fieldmargin returns a result of:

  • ‘Fail’, which is a non-compliance error.
  • ‘Warning’ which is for information and should help you to perform your own checks. For example for expiry date we show the expiry date but you will need to work out if your planned application date would comply with that. 
  • ‘No error found’ 

Pesticide Check is in no way intended to be agronomic advice and you should always check the label information for a product when planning a pesticide application. 

Pesticide Check comes in addition to our Pesticide Database integration. This provides a list of pesticides for the farm’s country, including reference number, active ingredients, product type and units. This makes the set up of spraying jobs quicker and easier, and means that key compliance information will be stored automatically.

You can find full, step-by-step instructions for using Pesticide Checking here. 


Pesticide Check is available on our fieldmargin Pro subscription. It will be immediately accessible to all existing farms on that plan in countries where it is available, as well as anyone who upgrades.

You can learn more about pricing and plan options on our website here. 


To help you get to grips with this new tool we will be booking a series of tutorial sessions to help you get to grips to Pesticide Checking. We will also be happy to answer any other questions that you have about using fieldmargin for field work planning and records at this time.

As always we will also be available on email and chat if you have any questions and can set up a call if you need further assistance.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on this new feature and will continue working to improve it in the future. 

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