Fields just got a major upgrade

Fields just got a major upgrade

Fields have a new look and added functionality

When talking to our users one of the things mentioned most frequently is how much of what happens on your farm relates to fields. Whether it is being able to see on a map where your crops or livestock are, planning work or seeing a record of management across the season, it’s become clear that fields are special.

That’s why we are have given them a big upgrade. They now have their own section on our web and mobile apps and new functionality with more to come in the next few months.

sandon fields street map.PNG

no_use_type2Allocate uses to your fields

You can now allocate a use to your fields to track what is being done in each field such as crops or type of livestock. Each use has a colour so you can see with a glance at the map what is going on where. When you change a use we track it so that over time you will build up a history of what your field has been used for. 

You can find more about creating and editing fields in our help documentation.

All of your existing fields are still there

If you had already created fields as a feature we have automatically converted them for you. However we have only done this for fields where the feature type was ‘Field’. If you have areas on your farm that you had allocated a different type (such as paddocks or a type of crop) please get in touch with us and we will convert them for you.


And there’s more on the way…

We have lots more in the works for fields which you will see in the coming months. This includes:

  • The ability to attach a note to one or multiple fields so that you can easily say which fields a task needs to be done in
  • See a history of the work you have done and uses that have been set in a field
  • Set multiple boundaries within a field
  • Attach maps to your fields to add yield maps, in season drone or satellite imagery and analysis to see the health of your fields across the seasons


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