Plan field rotations and work  with Farm Years

Plan field rotations and work with Farm Years

Lots of you have asked for the ability to get a view of cropping for past and upcoming years, and to separate your plans for next season’s work from what you are working on at the moment. We are pleased to introduce Farm Years which allow you to do just that. 

Now you can choose what Farm Year you want to view from the menu at the top of the screen to update the usages for your fields the activity you see to that period. Farm Years don’t have start and end dates so they can be used in the way that works for your farm. For example you could align them with your annual harvest or accounting year.

Planning rotations

Set usages for your fields for each Farm Year so that you can visually plan your rotations and get the total area for your cropping. Once this is set up you will be able to look backwards and forwards to see what was happening in all your fields.

To help you with this we’ve introduced a new flow for the web app for setting usages on your fields which lets you update the usage on lots of fields in one go while viewing what you had in fields the previous year. Read how here.

Add work to each Farm Year

You can plan work for each Farm Year and easily add tasks to fields by the crops that you have planted. Notes and tasks you add while viewing this year will be attached to this Farm Year. Switch years using the menu at the top to see activity for other years. 

What’s happened to my existing data?

  • All your notes, tasks and field usages are still there. Your notes and tasks are all tagged to this calendar year (2019) but you can edit them to change to different years.
  • Your current field usages will be set as your field usages for 2019.
  • Changes to field use no longer have dates, however all of your records of changes to field use have been converted to completed tasks so they will appear on your field history.

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