A job list accessible wherever you are – no need to type up completed job sheets ever again!

A job list accessible wherever you are – no need to type up completed job sheets ever again!

Farmers face more distractions than your average office workers – escaped cows, sudden storms, slug infestations… we could go on!

Whatever the size of your operation the best way to manage your farm effectively is to have everyone on the same page. The unpredictable nature of farm work makes having an organised and active job sheet even more important. 

In this blog we will introduce some ways that using the activity list on fieldmargin will streamline your operation:

Keep track of all of your tasks and create a plan of action  ✅  

Having a shared job list, organised by due date is a real game changer. You might not get all of your jobs completed every day but keeping an active to-do list means that you and your team can keep track of ongoing work.

On the activity list you can select to view jobs that are incomplete – these will be ordered by due date. So you just have a job sheet of the work that needs to be done.

Whatever the size of the task, getting a plan in the diary is a start. Even if an issue isn’t a priority, by adding it as a task as soon as it’s spotted you make sure it won’t be forgotten and will be done at some point.

Everything in the same place  ☁️ 📲 

Laptops can crash and notepads get lost. fieldmargin is cloud based and your data is automatically backed up. This means it is stored safely and can be easily accessed wherever you are.  If you use the app on offline the data is backed up when you have internet access. 

“What I find useful is having everything in one place rather than putting it on the back of envelopes or in a notebook which I then forgot where I have put it. I particularly like the fact that you can measure the fields area which is useful for working out finances for various jobs.”

Cressie, UK

Easily share and update tasks 👩‍🌾 👨‍🌾    

On a farm, deadlines can be tight as many tasks are based on plant, animal or seasonal conditions. We don’t have to tell you that weather can (and often does) change plans.

With fieldmargin nothing is locked in, you can change the order and details of tasks without having to call or print off a new work sheet. 

“The comment section on tasks is very handy for discussions as jobs are always changing. If I want an update of progress for a particular task I can tag a team member and they receive a notification to their phone. No need for back and forth to coordinate because everyone is already on the same page.” 

Willem Crause, South Africa

Keep up to-date about what is going on even if you are not at the farm  🌎 

It is not always possible to be on the farm site. For example, you may manage multiple sites or have meetings with clients. When you can’t be on hand at the farm you can use the mobile app to monitor work progress.

When some one completes a task or adds a comment you will get a notification. This means you do not have to phone and distract people from their work. 

“Something as simple as being able to easily see the names of the fields using my mobile is really helpful. I can save locations and key information about the jobs on the app. This means I don’t get loads of phone calls from my team asking me what’s the postcode or gate codes of so-and-so.” 

Rob Boole, UK

Automatically create input reports by field and farm 📊 

Every time you create a Field Job, your reports and history will be updated to help you monitor your operation. Changes will sync across all devices so you and your team can record and share information directly. Perfect for audits and staying on top of your field and farm costs!

“Once I record the data I can get an instant overview of conditions on my farm. This app is extremely practical for use in the field. I like that you can add as much information as you like to each task. Other software requires a lot of specific information that I do not need and do not have time to add.”  

Daniel Jacobs, South Africa

The activity list on fieldmargin will streamline your operation, reduce errors, and automate reporting.  All this means saved time and less stress.  Find more information on our website.

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