Notes and Tasks have merged together!

Notes and Tasks have merged together!

Now you can mark a Note as to-do as you create it. This replaces the separate process of making a task.

Notes are for day-to-day recording of information. A record of something you’ve done, an observation in the field, a problem or a reminder of information you may want to refer to later. By adding a due date you can let you team know that there is a task associated with the note. 

We have added a description box to the Note where you can also add a photograph.   Sharing details about the work or observation can really make it clearer to everyone in the team what the issue is. A photograph really helps tell the full story. These details will appear on the Comment section. 

Did you know that on web you can also add a file to a note? This is really handy for adding files with soil test results. 

You can still add a location for your Note by adding a shape or field as you always have done. 

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. You can find full instructions for setting up a note here.

If you need any help getting started with any of this on your farm we are always here to offer help and support. You can contact us at or on (+44) 203 289 4200.


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