You can now get directions to your fields!

You can now get directions to your fields!

You’ve told us being able to easily direct yourself or others to your fields is vital to improving efficiency of your farm operation. Using GPS for directions between farms or fields is an essential for contractors, agronomists and field consultants.  

So we’ve added the option to get directions to the field on fieldmargin you are travelling to!

You can do this with your fieldmargin mobile app with three simple steps:

  1. Tap the field on the map or field list 
  2. Tap the direction icon on the top right off the screen
  3. Maps will open up with directions!

Make your life easier and use this feature! 

Anyone who has to travel around the country to work in agriculture will understand what a challenge navigation can be. Very few fields have a specific post-code or street number! 

If you are an employee of a farm contracting company you probably work over a number of farms and on a vast number of fields. For agronomists or seasonal farm workers you will often be travelling to do a job on a field at farm that you have not been too before or traveling from a different direction so you need to take a different route. 

By keeping the information together in one app, there is no need to go through WhatsApp messages or emails to find the address of your next destination. As well as saving the time and stress associated with getting lost, there is also a saving in the cost of labour and fuel.

Streamline your communication

As a farmer you may have multiple different contractors and temporary workers doing different jobs on your farm this harvest.  This new feature streamlines the sharing of information about work.

A Field Job can include details about the work, a tagged user and has a field location attached.  With this new update, your staff can view job details and get directions to the field attached to the job by pressing a few buttons straight from their mobile to-do list.  

I hope you will find this feature useful.  We are working to develop a subscription for multi-farm businesses on fieldmargin. If you are a contractor or consultant that is interested in being part of any beta trials or feedback sessions email us at

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