Introducing Yield Recording with fieldmargin

Introducing Yield Recording with fieldmargin

As combines across the country (at least in the UK where we are based!) begin firing up and rolling into crops we are pleased to announce a new feature to make harvest season and monitoring farm performance that little bit easier. Now you can record your yields using fieldmargin.

No need to wait until you get back to the office to record your harvest yields. Ensure accuracy by recording and sharing them with your team as they happen, right in the field.

Once you have recorded yield information this is safely stored on fieldmargin and is available in your reports so that you can compare crop yield from year to year and between fields. Whether you are looking at a record-breaking crop or a bit of a disappointment, this is essential to tracking efficiency and productivity for future crop management decisions.


Yield recording is flexible so that it works for lots of different types of produce. From tonnes of wheat, to kilograms of apples, or the number of hay bales it’s quick and easy to set up the outputs that are relevant for your farm.

App recording harvest yield for barley, apples and silage bales
Allows comparison between fields

We understand that it’s important to have the granularity to record the yield for each field but you don’t want to have to set up lots of separate jobs to do this. You can create a harvesting job with all the fields with that crop and record the yield for each one as you harvest. Watch this space for additional functionality to track which fields on a job have been completed…

Yield report showing yields for cereals (barley and beans), fruits and silage
We do the maths for you

Once you record a yield fieldmargin automatically calculates your yield/ha and tracks your total yields per crop, per field and for the whole farm. Yield graphs in reporting make it easy to identify high and low yielding fields (coming soon). No need to deal with complex spreadsheets!

yield comparison graph
Accessible anywhere – fast

View your data from anywhere on your mobile device or computer.

Instantly share information

You are always up to date with the latest numbers so that you see how harvest is going.

What inputs have been working for you?

Compare the inputs and work that went into production to the output and to track performance.

To get started:

Make a ‘harvesting’ field job, select the fields to be harvested and what output you are harvesting.

As you finish harvesting each field, record the yield and fieldmargin automatically calculates your yield/ha and harvested total.  

You can read our step-by-step instructions here

Yield Recording is available on our Essentials plan (£3.75/month) and above. You can find more information on our pricing and plans here.

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