What is a track system for horses?

What is a track system for horses?

This month at fieldmargin we have been talking to our users who run horse stables about how they plan track systems for grazing.

 Track systems for horses are gaining popularity due to the health benefits for the horses and also the ability to keep a much higher stocking density without wrecking the land.  

A track system is a paddock configuration which, instead of an oblong or square paddock that can just encourage horses to stand in one spot and eat, places an inner fence, usually electric, in the centre of the paddock making a track around the outside. This configuration encourages more movement and foraging behaviour to try and emulate a more natural environment. 

Different surfaces are often used for enrichment for the horses and also to suit different parts of the land. Sometimes planning permission is needed for some of these. This is where mapping with fieldmargin can really help to show what is being done and where. 

You can also use fieldmargin to plan day-day tasks around the yard with a shared To-do list and located tasks. Read more here.

This is what the stables have to say about there experience with fieldmargin so far: 

Great app honestly. I use it for when I’m away at work I can say to my mum can you move my ponies to such and such field. The maps are clear and it makes it easy for people to follow

Tegan Dunne

I found fieldmargin app to be very simple to use. A great tool for planning where I would like everything to be and fantastic to be able to show my other half exactly what I’ve had going on in my head but never been able to explain properly!!

Allison Laskey

You can learn more on YouTube or by joining Facebook groups such as this one.

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