Here are 11 reasons to give fieldmargin a go on your farm

Here are 11 reasons to give fieldmargin a go on your farm

  1. It will save you time

Using fieldmargin takes the stress out of farm admin – making it simpler, clearer and faster. You can save hours a week in time spent updating records and hunting for paperwork.

  1. It is designed with farmers in mind

Fieldmargin is designed to be easy to use. We want Farmers to find the app useful and love it! 

  1. You’ll always have the information you need, when you need it

You control who can access your data, with Fieldmargin always accessible in the field on your phone or tablet. It is ready to be viewed by the rest of the team, shared with advisors and made ready for audits. Say goodbye to searching for lost notepads!

  1. You can add records straight from the field

When you complete a job in the field, the app instantly updates your field history and adds up the inputs that have been applied. The date, time, and rate of the job is saved. There’s no need to remember to type up notes or transfer data when you get back to the office. Get your Sunday evenings back! 

  1. It works offline

We know the internet can be patchy on farms, so we’ve designed the app so that you can access and update records offline. Everything will automatically sync and update once you have internet connection again.

  1. Everyone on your farm will be kept up to date

When you set up work plans with Field Jobs, fieldmargin automatically sets up a personal to-do list for each member of your farm. The farm manager is notified as soon as a job is done and workers can go straight on to the next task.

  1. You can check field inputs, yields and animal locations at a glance

You can see how much seed, spray or fertilizer you’ve used on each field, and keep track of your yields. Your livestock locations are shown as markers on the map so you can check what is supposed to be where. 

  1. You can get started right now for free

Mapping fields, field uses and features is all free. You can also add team members and start recording work to see how much time it will save you.

  1. Ready to go further? Our Paid platforms will totally change how you run your farm

If you are finding the app useful for your business and want to refer back to old records, track more information or get advanced features like reporting you can upgrade.

Our paid platforms include full field spray and yield reporting, herd management and satellite imagery for scouting – everything you need for planning, records, audits and field scouting. 

  1. You can relax with peace of mind

Feel secure that all of your farm data is stored safely and is easily accessible. This means that when you need to check a record, whether for making a farm decision or to present information for an audit, you will know right where to find it. 

  1. Last, (but not least) you own your data 

We are not selling additional farming products and your data is private. Read our terms and conditions here. 

Sound good? Setting up your farm can take less than 30 minutes.

If you want to skip straight to the good stuff you can activate a Pro trial (no credit card required) and try Field Health satellite NDVI imagery as well as all our reporting tools on your farm for free. Intelligent field scouting can save you thousands of pounds. We’re here to help you at farm set up and teach you to use Field Health imagery on your farm. Sign up here.  

So, what are you waiting for? 👇

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