How to plan field work with consultants using fieldmargin

How to plan field work with consultants using fieldmargin

Anyone who has ever farmed knows farming is not a one-person job. Family members, staff, contractors, consultants and many others are working as part of the farm.

A massive benefit of using fieldmargin is that on our free plan and all of our farm subscriptions you can invite unlimited team members to join. This means that all of the information you enter to your digital farm can easily be shared across your team.

Working together with the app saves a lot of time keeping records up to date and means that you can have all the information you need at your fingertips for costing and audits. You can view job details simply by selecting your to-do list or tapping the field on the map.

Using fieldmargin Field Jobs you can:

📲 Easily show work locations

🚨 View health and safety details on the map

🚜 View and share spray input rates, and totals

🌧 Add work details as comments and photographs

✅ Update progress from the field

So, how does this work in action …… ?

In this step-by-step example we will go through how using Field Jobs on fieldmargin can help you streamline your communication with a contractor or staff member that works on your farm.

  • Step 1. Set up your Field Job on the web platform from the office

As a farm manager you can set up a Field Job in your office using the web platform (this also can be done on the go on your phone or tablet if you prefer). With Field Jobs you can plan key field operations such as seeding, fertilising, spraying or harvesting.

As part of the Job you can add the location of the work by adding fields, tag who needs to do the work and add due dates to plan and prioritise.

You can also add inputs to a job and calculate the amount of seed, spray or fertiliser needed; just set the rate and then select your fields.

Step 2. Tag your contractor and it will become part of a to-do list on their mobile phone

When you tag your contractor to the Job they will receive a notification to their phone and the Job will become part of their to-do list.  Jobs on the to-do list will be ordered by due date.

You can view your to-do by tapping the To-Do icon on the bottom menu.

📲 The contractor can simply tap the job on the list to open and view details on his mobile.

Details can include the field areas, product rate and the total amount of product required to complete the job.

🖨 You can also choose to print the work from the web platform

This feature is useful if some members in the group do not have a smart phone. As well as printing you could save this job sheet as a pdf to email to contractors or team members.

Step 3. You contractor can use fieldmargin to find the job location in the field

When the contractor opens the Job, not only can they see spray details but they can also view the location of the work 🚜

When viewing a field they can choose to get directions to the field by tapping the directions key. This feature links to the mapping system on their mobile phone.  This has the potential to save on fuel and the costly mistake of spraying the wrong field. 

Step 4. Your contractor or staff can record important details of the work as comments.

For example while out in the field the contractor can add a note to update you on how the job is progressing.

🚨 You can also use fieldmargin to share farm health and safety

Add locations of gates or risks as features. This helps keep your team safe by letting them know about health and safety risks, and reduces phone calls asking for details. For example in the image below you can see on the map a power line is drawn through the middle of the field. 

Step 5. Share when work has been completed

When the work has been finished you can complete the Job by opening the job from the to-do list and tapping the box to the right of each field to check off work that is completed. You can also record key details for records and audits like: weather conditions, job times and who completed the work.

When the work has been marked complete the farm manger (and everyone attached to the Job) will receive a notification to their mobile phone. 

This action on mobile will automatically update your farm records which you can access on your computer or phone. The Job will no longer appear on the To-do list but you can view it on the activity list and as part of a field history. Your input records will be updated as well.

Sound good? Setting up your farm can take less than 30 minutes

If you want to skip straight to the good stuff you can activate a Pro trial (no credit card required) and try Field Health satellite NDVI imagery as well as all our reporting tools on your farm for free. Intelligent field scouting can save you thousands of pounds. We’re here to help you at farm set up and teach you to use Field Health imagery on your farm. Sign up here.  

So, what are you waiting for? 👇

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